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Caroline Franczia

Founder at Uppercut First

Episode notes

Did you know that diversity and inclusion is part of the business strategy? Before setting up OKRs, you need to include everyone and make them feel they’re contributing to something bigger in your organization. 

After working years in corporate America, startups, and scaleups, Caroline Franczia founded Uppercut First, a consultancy for startup founders. She’s a columnist for Maddyness UK, the author of Popcorn for the New CEO, an OKR expert, and an advocate for women. Her recent article – “I’ve never felt this awake”: Caroline Franczia on Thelma, Louise and inclusion—is about her personal experience as a woman in tech. She believes diversity and inclusion needs to be baked into the business strategy. 

Listen in to learn the value of placing diversity and inclusion in your business strategy for it to support your OKRs. You will also learn how to make your team feel more purposeful and impactful to be happier and engaged in their work. 

“The power of questions is so much more important than the power of telling people what to do.” — Caroline [15:12]

Show notes

  • [1:58] Caroline explains how her career has been led by grit plus her journey to starting her own company. 
  • [4:40] She speaks about her unpublished article on ecosystem, leadership, and diversity and inclusion beyond the tech industry.
  • [9:24] The productivity challenges that have been presented by the pandemic and what needs to be done to fix them. 
  • [15:00] The value pyramid - setting the foundation for company-level OKRs
  • [21:24] Why you shouldn’t deploy OKRs if you don’t have your house in order plus what to do to ensure OKR success.
  • [28:30] Caroline answers more quick-fire questions.

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About our guest:

Caroline Franczia headshot
Caroline Franczia


Caroline founded Uppercut First in 2020 using all the skills she gained through formal study, extensive professional travel, and expatriation. She specializes in revenue architecture for start-ups and scale-ups and is a motivational speaker, author of Popcorn for the New CEO and board advisor for Humanlinker and Metta Spaces.

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