Diversity and Inclusion Q&A


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Vessy Tasheva

Founder at Vessy.com

Episode notes

In this episode, Jenny Herald and Vessy Tasheva answer questions that came from participants that joined a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Roundtable discussion. We get to answer some of the questions we were unable to answer in the previous episode. 

Listen in to learn the importance of OKRs in bringing to life, teachings on diversity and inclusion. You will also learn how you can start to acknowledge others and their different ideals to create a safe working environment and culture. 

Show notes

  • [1:12] Vessy’s views on Basecamp’s ban on what people can and cannot talk about at work.
  • [5:39] How to acknowledge and respect who people think they are and their ideals even when they differ from yours, to create a safe culture.
  • [11:08] How to build products/ websites that implement diversity and inclusion within and without your organization. 
  • [16:10] Why institutions need to familiarize all children/learners with racism and inequality.
  • [17:17] How to focus on OKRs to ensure theoretical teachings are actualized practically. 

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About our guest:

Vessy Tasheva headshot
Vessy Tasheva


Vessy Tasheva, founder and CEO of Vessy.com, works with clients across Europe and North America such as Soundcloud, Reward Gateway, and Typeform. She was named by Hive Learning as one of 2019’s most influential D&I Leaders globally and one of the UK’s most influential D&I leaders in 2020.

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