On Shaping the Future or Waiting to be Instructed by It


Peter Kerr headshot
Peter Kerr

Practice Lead at Quantive Consulting

Episode notes

To move with time and establish a better future in your organization, you must be willing to practice flexibility, agility, and adaptability to change.

In this episode, Jenny is joined by Peter Kerr, former Managing Director of Auxin OKR and current Practice Lead at Quantive Consulting. He’s had the opportunity and privilege of working with senior executives from some of the largest, most well-known companies in the world.

Listen in to learn how to maintain market relevance for especially traditional organizations and how OKRs can aid you in that journey. You will also learn the importance of flexibility, agility, and adaptability to how the world is changing to have high chances of success as an organization. 

“If you don’t engage people emotionally and get them fired up, then OKRs are just a framework.” — Peter [20:00]

What you will learn

  • [1:32] Get to know Peter, his background in digital transformation, and how he got into OKR. 
  • [4:15] The importance of forming a culture with the flexibility and agility to spot changes and react to them.
  • [9:02] How OKRs allow teams to stimulate conversations around what they intend to work on and why rather than seek permission.
  • [13:20] How to effectively utilize time by having short one-topic meetings. 
  • [16:17] How to be a leader who thinks like a coach by passionately engaging people emotionally.
  • [25:27] How to shift your mindset to access and understand people in your organization as the world changes. 
  • [33:54] Cultivating an environment where successful teams can thrive.
  • [40:54] Things to do to get better as you work from home while supporting your team.
  • [49:06] The exponential organization – adapting to win and changing your mindset and leadership. 
  • [53:45] Peter answers more quick-fire questions.

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About our guest:

Peter Kerr headshot
Peter Kerr

Practice Lead

Peter Kerr is the practice lead at Quantive Consulting. His passion for continuous learning and sharing insights with clients has fueled his exploration of new perspectives. Through this journey, he uncovered the remarkable potential of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in transforming ambitious business strategies into tangible achievements.

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