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Our mission

Let's expand access to OKRs and agile business practices

Our mission is to create excitement, education, and support around the practice of OKRs and agile business so more leaders are inspired and equipped to use OKRs to run their organizations, achieve bold goals, and influence our world for the better.

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Our story

An OKR community to help you achieve the best possible

Founded by Quantive in 2023, Dreams with Deadlines was created to further our mission of helping organizations achieve the best possible. Our goal is to create a space where like-minded leaders can exchange ideas, offer support, and build powerful connections to propel each other to greater success in any dream we pursue.

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Headshot of Quantive Director of Community Dominique Farrar
Dominique Farrar

Head of Community

Headshot of Quantive VP of Evangelism Jenny Herald
Jenny Herald

VP of Evangelism

Meet our founding members

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Ben Lamorte


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Christine Sandman Stone

Deliver at Scale

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Antonio Civita


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Renae Fisher


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Mukom Tamon

Chief Excellence Officer Academy

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Brett Knowles

pm2 Consulting

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Natalie Webb

Cloud Peak Enterprise Group

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Mike Goitein


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Lucas Gauzzi

Gauzzi Coaching & Consulting

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Vidhya Parvathy Mahavedan


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Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Digital Winners

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Elie Casamitjana

OKR Mentors

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Cinny Little

Business Analyst and Data Storyteller

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Richard Russell

Scaleup Leaders

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Peter Kerr


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