The Top 10 Strategy and OKR Events for 2023

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Monday, May 08, 2023

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Are you looking to stay in-the-know on the latest and greatest in strategy, leadership, digital transformation, and OKRs? With conferences back in full force post-pandemic, in-person events are beaming with new enthusiasm and more conversation touch points than ever before.

Check out our list below for the top 10 strategy and OKR events coming up in 2023.

May 2023 events

OKRX Summit 2023

Location: Online

Date: May 23

Notable speakers or panelists: Ezgi Aytan, Daniel Montgomery, Carsten Ley, Renae Fisher, Brett Knowles, Jeff Gothelf, Paul Niven, Ben Lamorte

Key themes: From Plan to Action — Mastering Strategy Execution in 2023. The event seeks to answer three questions: how do OKRs and strategy relate, how do OKRs help strategic alignment, and can OKRs make strategy work?

Additional benefits and information: Almost every renowned strategy and OKR thought leader will be present.

July 2023 events

FORTUNE Brainstorm Tech 2023

Location: Park City, UT, USA

Date: July 10-12

Notable speakers or panelists: Al Gore, Lila Preston, Fred Smith, Alex Rodrigues, Vivian Chu, Arati Prabhakar, and more

Key themes: Reset and Reinvent — this conference brings together leaders from the technology and business communities to discuss transformative technologies, the future of tech policy and innovation, future of work, clean tech, building user trust, and more.

Additional benefits and information: In addition to conference speakers, guests will enjoy guided, outdoor activities relevant to the scenery and landscape of Utah.

August 2023 events

The Global Leadership Summit

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Date: August 3-4

Notable speakers or panelists: Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Liz Bohannon, James Clear, Erin Meyer, Dave Ramsey, Albert Tate, and more

Key themes: Leadership skills and transformation stories, as told by a diverse range of leading experts, authors, and business leaders with proven track records

Additional benefits and information: Continued education credits, as well as additional tools and resources provided by the conference, are available

September 2023 events

Industry of Things World

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: September 17-19

Notable speakers or panelists: Téma Benhalima-Bouville, Karine Lavoie-Tremblay, Damodar Vishwanath Hegde, Liu Qiao, Susanne Lauda

Key themes: This digitization conference, focused on Industry 4.0, brings together over 450 creative minds and decision makers from the world’s largest companies to discuss new services, products, and processes.

Additional benefits and information: The conference, hosted at the TITANIC Chaussee Hotel Berlin, is embedded in Berlin’s most creative neighborhood full of vibrant cultural offerings.

TED Tech (in association with Culture3)

Location: London, UK

Date: September 18-19

Notable speakers or panelists: TBA

Key themes: The intersection of tech, art, culture. Discussion cover the continuing evolution of Web3 — AI, blockchain, extended reality — and how we communicate and move forward in a society molded by such technological progress.

Additional benefits and information: Three sessions of TED Talks, followed by workshops, activations, and exhibits relevant to those talks.

The Digital Transformation Conference

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Date: September 21

Notable speakers or panelists: Fabien Legland, Jasmine Ahmed, Niki Kouri-Maglaras, Charles Smith, Seetha Ramneth, Thomas Harris, Simon Letorte, and more

Key themes: Gain insights on digital transformation best practices in enterprise business, how to overcome modern business challenges, and hear success stories from transformation leaders across varying industries.

Additional benefits and information: Sessions are complimented by networking drinks, priority access tickets to breakouts, and OnDemand materials.

October 2023 events

World Summit AI

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: October 11-12

Notable speakers or panelists: TBA — previous speakers include leaders from NASA, Meta, Amazon, IBM, Intel, Accenture, and more.

Key themes: This conference brings big names from across all industries for knowledge sharing and networking in AI, using key presentations, workshops, and focus groups to discuss and collaborate on present and future AI solutions.

Additional benefits and information: As an AI ecosystem, this conference is a major networking opportunity for VC, investor, and startup relationships in AI.

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Location: Orlando, FL, USA

Date: October 16-19

Notable speakers or panelists: Mary Mesaglio, Don Scheibenreif, and other Gartner analysts.

Key themes: An exploration of innovative and transformational opportunities within the IT and tech community — business transformation, cybersecurity, AI, customer experience, data analytics, and more. Sessions will cover the future direction of technology, IT best practices and strategies, and examples of real-world applications on strategic IT initiatives.

Additional benefits and information: Premier access to primary vendor exhibits in the IT space, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Salesforce, and more.

November 2023 events

World Business Forum (NYC)

Location: New York City, NY, USA

Date: November 15-16

Notable speakers or panelists: Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Allyson Felix, Ginni Rometty, Peter Diamandis  

Key themes: Conference brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives. Discussion revolves around issues relevant to today’s business leaders, exploring new business thinking, action-oriented strategic discussions around the competitive landscape

Additional benefits and information: Hosted in seven cities total, worldwide, from summer through fall. Unique networking environment with over 2,000 executives.

December 2023 events

Digital Summit

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

Date: December 12-13

Notable speakers or panelists: Seth Godin, Purna Virji, Steve Keller, Laura Wilson, Kate Loffio

Key themes: Where marketers stay on top of their game — the Digital Summit conferences are loaded with top names in marketing leading workshops on tactical marketing: SEO content, lead gen, social media, and beyond.

Additional benefits and information: The Digital Summit also takes place in multiple US cities — Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Raleigh.

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