OKRs Teardown Clinic May 2023


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Mukom Tamon

In our May 2023 edition of the OKRs Teardown Clinic, Mukom Tamon introduces us to a powerful framework for crating excellent and effective OKRs: the Key Results Quality Matrix. Watch as he demonstrates how to teardown mediocre OKRs, and rebuild them for maximum impact. He also shares a GPT prompt you can use to aid the OKR improvement process. 

About the speakers

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Mukom Tamon

Mukom Tamon is the founder of the Chief Excellence Officer Academy and a certified 4DX, OKRs & Lean Six Sigma trainer.​ He teaches managers how to transform vision and strategy to excellence & passion and has trained more than 5K leaders in over 45 countries. He leads the monthly OKRs Teardown Clinic for the Dreams with Deadlines community.