On the Recipe for Unleashing Enterprise Value


Dan Weikart headshot
Dan Weikart

Director and Enterprise Agile Coach at Cprime

Episode notes

What does it take to unleash enterprise value within your teams and organization? To be the leader that unlocks teams’ functions and value, you must adopt best practices responsible for creating trust and honor. 

In this episode, Jenny Herald speaks with Dan Weikart, Director and Enterprise Agile Coach at Cprime. He’s a value-oriented leader with over 20 years of experience delivering business results focused on highly complex solutions.

Listen in to learn the immutable and foundational ingredients necessary for unlocking enterprise value. You will also learn the importance of focusing on the business basics without losing sight of where you’re going. 

“The focus of any good leader is growing others within the organization.” — Dan [19:36]

Show notes

  • [1:42] He explains how they focus on business results when it comes to strategy at Cprime.
  • [3:58] How Dan found his “why” plus the importance of having individual “whys” to have a healthy team and organization. 
  • [12:17] He explains the importance of forming trust with your teams as a leader. 
  • [16:27] A leadership’s playbook – the best practices to adopt as a leader and outdo yourself. 
  • [21:05] How to build cross-functional teams and consistency to achieve result-based enterprise value outcomes.
  • [26:12] How to develop and mentor people with delegated authority within teams to create the true intention of the product owner. 
  • [30:08] The importance of putting your OKR champions at every level to achieve enterprise value.
  • [34:11] The importance of cadence in strategy execution through OKRs.
  • [35:58] The key considerations to keep in mind on when to be checking in with your staff. 
  • [40:46] How to deconstruct structures that are stopping you from moving forward. 
  • [45:07] How to marry the functions of KPIs and OKRs and see what works. 
  • [49:40] Dan answers more quick-fire questions. 

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About our guest:

Dan Weikart headshot
Dan Weikart

Director and Enterprise Agile Coach

Dan Weikart is a recognized leader with 20+ years of experience building profitable businesses and a trusted advisor to customers doing the same. He is a veteran of consulting organizations ranging from the 'Big 4’ (PwC Consulting) to founding and selling Incremental Technology Consultants, a company focused on delivering healthcare solutions with agility.

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