The Future of Data and AI


Gary Bhattacharjee headshot
Gary Bhattacharjee

VP of AI and Data Strategy at Infosys

Episode notes

In this special episode of "Dreams with Deadlines," host Jenny Herald engages in a thought-provoking conversation with AI expert Gary Bhattacharjee. They explore the rise of generative AI and the evolving relationship between humans and machines. 

What you will learn

  • The potential applications of generative AI.
  • The challenges of machine ambiguity and ethics.
  • The significance of educators in the wisdom economy.
  • The importance of trust in building strong alliances between humans and machines.

Show notes

  • [00:00:51] The Significance of Touchless Business in Today's World. Embrace the significance of touchless business in today's world, where Gary explores the accelerated need for digitization and virtual interactions, highlighting the challenges faced by organizations that haven't embraced these changes.
  • [00:02:24] The Tremendous Growth Potential of the Data and AI Market. Dive into the tremendous growth potential of the data and AI market, as Gary shares staggering growth projections and emphasizes the interconnectedness between data, AI, and the cloud market.
  • [00:03:33] From Automation to Alliance: The Evolution of AI in Decision-Making. Discover the fascinating evolution of AI in decision-making, as Gary delves into the concept of autonomy, the potential for human-machine alliances, and the psychological dynamics involved in trusting machines.
  • [00:19:29] The Power of Generative AI and Amplifying Innovation. Generative AI and Amplifying Innovation with Gary Bhattacharjee: Unleash the power of generative AI as Gary explores ChatGPT, the democratization of AI, and the transformative potential of amplifying innovation through collaboration between the creative and technical realms.
  • [00:29:12] Tricky Aspects and Pitfalls of Generative AI. In this part of the podcast episode, the conversation shifts towards discussing thNavigate the challenges and pitfalls of generative AI, as Gary discusses machine ambiguity, customization, ethical considerations, and the importance of responsible AI deployment.
  • [00:37:09] The Wisdom Economy and the Importance of Educators. Embrace the rise of the wisdom economy and recognize the pivotal role of educators in shaping a responsible AI-driven future, where Gary emphasizes the need to teach machines foundational knowledge and align them with human values.
  • [00:41:31] Quick-Fire Questions for Gary:
    • Dream with a Deadline: Gary's dream with a deadline is to have machines and technology that can perform his job tasks. He envisions a world where machine partner with humans in equal footing and not be just an order-taker. He believes that machines should amplify human potential, accelerate the speed of thought and challenge the civilization to be better.
    • Excitement about Bleeding-Edge Technology: Gary is most excited about the scale and acceleration of innovation that generative AI and machine-to-machine conversations bring. He also mentions the hardware advancements in GPUs and quantum computing, which have the potential to revolutionize neural networks and solve complex problems in real-time.
    • Most Exciting AI Application: Gary mentions that he comes across exciting AI applications daily. He highlights the potential of AI twins, where every job could be replaced by an AI counterpart. This thought experiment challenges professionals to envision how their own roles could be performed by AI.
    • Recommended Reads: Gary suggests exploring science fiction novels for imaginative narratives that can inspire real-world applications. Additionally, he recommends books on organizational psychology and ambidexterity to understand the dynamics of human-machine interaction. He mentions "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "Innovator's Dilemma," and "Catch-22" as some of his current readings.
    • Shaping Thought: Gary mentions that there is no single book that has shaped his thinking. Instead, he believes that different books have influenced him at different stages of life. He emphasizes the profoundness of philosophical ideas found in various works and their applicability to different contexts.

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About our guest:

Gary Bhattacharjee headshot
Gary Bhattacharjee

VP of AI and Data Strategy

Gary Bhattacharjee is the head of AI at Infosys, with extensive experience in product development, corporate banking, financial consulting, and wealth management. He co-founded a fintech startup and holds a patent on Management of Data via Cooperative Method and System, a wiki-based data management system.

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