On Fast-tracking an OKR Program into Existence in 3 Weeks


Adam Bonifant headshot
Adam Bonifant

VP of Customer Success at ORock Technologies

Tim Meinhardt headshot
Tim Meinhardt

Founder at Atruity

Episode notes

Wouldn’t it be smooth to set up a fast-tracking OKR program within the shortest time possible? Well, the truth is, to create a working OKR program takes time, and failing multiple times for you to achieve your intended key results. 

In this episode, Jenny Herald speaks with Adam Bonifant, VP of Customer Success at ORock Technologies, and Tim Meinhardt, CEO of Atruity. We'll discuss the ins-and-outs of fast-tracking an OKR program into existence. ORock Technologies was able to get OKRs up-and-running in a span of 3 weeks, with Adam co-championing the program and Tim serving as their guide.

Listen in to learn about the qualities of a qualified OKR champion plus how to make OKRs fun by creating an environment where that levity can come out. You will also learn the importance of taking time and accepting failures to simplify your OKR journey.

“A good key result should scare you a little, but excite you a lot.” — Tim [35:37]

Show notes

  • [1:59] Get to know about Tim Meinhardt and Adam Bonifant, what they do, and what they plan to speak on.
  • [4:36] Adam on how ORock shifted to OKRs to gain focus and alignment.
  • [7:32] The qualities of a qualified OKR champion to lead your OKR program successfully.
  • [10:26] Why Adam took on the role of an OKR champion at ORock and what qualified him.
  • [17:22] How they moved from corporate quarterly OKR to individual functional OKR and took their time to make mistakes.
  • [23:30] How they rolled out the mission statement in 3 weeks and simplified the OKRs as they moved forward. 
  • [26:33] The power of OKR transparency in creating vertical and horizontal alignment. 
  • [31:04] How to get your OKRs done at a hundred percent to realize full benefits.
  • [34:42] The concepts that keep you focused on OKRs and the activities that allow innovation for OKRs management. 
  • [43:40] Tim and Adam answer more quick-fire questions.

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About our guest:

Adam Bonifant headshot
Adam Bonifant

VP of Customer Success

Adam Bonifant's career spans diverse roles and organizations. He currently holds the post of VP of Customer Success at ORock Technologies. He previously served as a Battalion Commander in the US Marine Corps. And held positions in logistics and management at Integrated Logistics2000 and Booz Allen Hamilton, and worked for Microsoft, Tamerlane Global Services, and Nordstrom.

About our guest:

Tim Meinhardt headshot
Tim Meinhardt


Tim Meinhardt, President and CEO of Atruity, is one of the world's leading providers of enterprise OKR implementations. He focuses on helping CEOs, founders and owners achieve faster growth, increased profitability and create a culture for scale.

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