On OKRs+As: Objectives, Key Results, and Actions


Carsten Ley headshot
Carsten Ley

Co-founder at Asia PMO

Episode notes

How do you implement and achieve management objectives within your organization? With the OKR+As methodology, you have to implement the right actions to achieve the objectives and key results to run an organization.

In this episode, Jenny speaks with Carsten Ley, the co-founder of Asia PMO – a leading digital transformation & agile consulting company, specializing in implementing OKRs and other revolutionary project management techniques in Southeast Asia. Carsten explains how to implement customer experience through feedback and data, plus his OKR+As methodology.

Listen to learn about the objectives, key results, and actions methodology for management implementation. You will also learn how to use OKRs to encourage team achievements and engagement within an organization.

“If you run OKRs with inspirational objectives and with a team approach to achieve key results, then you should go on team bonuses, not on individual bonuses.” — Carsten [23:23]

Show notes

  • [0:49] Intro
  • [1:45] Get to know Carsten, his first experience with OKRs, and how he helps companies implement OKRs.
  • [3:33] How to improve your customer experience by collecting and looking into customer feedback.
  • [5:05] The importance of seeking feedback and the data behind that feedback from your customers.
  • [8:04] The current demand for OKRs in the workplace environment as opposed to KPIs.
  • [9:52] Why the 6–12-month planning cycle isn’t working for OKRs due to market changes and the participative nature of OKRs.
  • [11:57] How OKRs deliver alignment, power decentralization, and empowering people in an organization.
  • [15:40] How to run OKRs for a more central team to test if they’re in alignment with the entire organization.
  • [17:10] The cultural changes that OKR is bringing in small to mid-sized companies.
  • [22:06] How to use OKR to encourage team spirit and achievements as opposed to individual achievements.
  • [25:12] The objective and key results plus action methodology (OKR+As) for management implementation.
  • [28:42] Why you should start OKRs with more agile and project and result-based teams rather than day-to-day work-based teams.
  • [31:41] Carsten answers quick-fire questions on his career and business.

About our guest:

Carsten Ley headshot
Carsten Ley


Carsten is a seasoned Project, OKR & Experience Management Consultant and the founder of Asia PMO. He lead successfully program and projects for Lazada, Citibank, Deloitte , Rolls-Royce, VW and Home Credit regarding business transformations, customer experience, operations roll-outs, sales and employee performance.

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