OKRs Teardown Clinic July 2023


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Mukom Tamon

What is an OKR teardown? Watch this short highlight reel from of our July OKRs Teardown Clinic, as Mukom Tamon diagnoses common mistakes made in writing OKRs and shares his easy-to-use framework for crafting the perfect key results. During our live events, Mukom demonstrates the method using an actual OKR submitted by a fellow community member to perform the live teardown and build-up. 

About the speakers

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Mukom Tamon

Mukom Tamon is the founder of the Chief Excellence Officer Academy and a certified 4DX, OKRs & Lean Six Sigma trainer.​ He teaches managers how to transform vision and strategy to excellence & passion and has trained more than 5K leaders in over 45 countries. He leads the monthly OKRs Teardown Clinic for the Dreams with Deadlines community.