Author Talk: The Modern Management Mentor


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Christine Sandman Stone


Deliver at Scale

In the ever-evolving world of corporate leadership, effective management is often perceived as an innate talent. However, Christine Sandman Stone, renowned author, speaker, and founder of Deliver at Scale, shatters this misconception in her latest book, The Modern Management Mentor. In a fireside chat with the Dreams with Deadlines community in October 2023, Christine shared insights and tactics from her book, illustrating that management is a skill that can be acquired and refined through practice. 

Watch the replay to learn practical tools and techniques you can implement to become an effective, results-driven manager.


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Christine Sandman Stone


Christine Sandman Stone is speaker, advisor, strategist, connector of ideas and people, and author. Founder of Deliver at Scale, Christine is a sought-after expert in the areas of strategic planning in tech, transformation, work-life balance, and tech talent diversity. She previously led Groupon’s recovery and survival of the pandemic via OKR and Agile transformation across the global Product & Engineering organizations. She honed her skills at VW/Audi, EMC2 Dell, McDonald’s and consulting firms. Leading technical change and developing people is a natural part of Christine’s approach, formalized in her graduate work in Organizational Behavior. Her second book, The Management Mentor, was beta tested with people managers in growing companies, and is set to be a sought-after reference for newly minted people managers, especially those in tech.