High Performance without Burnout


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Sara Lobkovich

Red Currant Collective

Navigating the delicate balance of high performance and the looming threat of burnout is no easy feat. How can leaders safeguard their top players — and themselves — from this pervasive risk?

In this on-demand webinar led by Sara Lobkovich, OKR master coach and certified health and wellness coach, you'll learn the tools to become a burnout-fighting leader and redefine the path to sustainable success for yourself and your team. 

Sara shares practical strategies like normalizing health cycles and implementing workload redundancy to create a culture that thrives on support and resilience. Additionally, you'll discover powerful burnout assessments that serve as catalysts for candid conversations about mental health.

Ready to be a champion for high performance and well-being? Carve out 30-minutes to watch this.


About the speakers

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Sara Lobkovich

Sara is an OKR Coach, certified health and wellness coach, and Principal Consultant at Red Currant Collective, where she helps organizations and individuals wired for purpose, progress, and change clarify their vision and achieve their goals. She has trained over 2000 OKR coaches in 300 organizations globally to master the OKR methodology and apply it effectively across their teams and functions. Sara's "other life" is in professional motorsports. She loves working in high-stakes, high-performance, and high-consequence environments, where success is measured in human good and impact.